Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Welcome to a Renewal of Vows Ceremony guide that will help you to create your own personalized and truly inspirational ceremony……a ceremony that reflects your ideals, beliefs, true feelings, your hopes and desires for your future life together!

What is a renewal of Vows Ceremony?

The renewal of vows ceremony also known as re-affirmation of vows ceremony is for married couples wishing to re affirm the vows of love and commitment they took on their wedding day, whether it was 1year, 10 years or 50 years ago.

There is no legal implication relating to this ceremony. A ceremony such as this, provide the couple with an opportunity for their family and community of friends to participate, witness, and affirm their continuing love and support for the couple and their marriage.

Why have a renewal of Vows Ceremony?

This ceremony also provides an opportunity for the couple to renew their commitment, love and support for each other for no other reason other than they wish to do it.

If a relationship has been through a period of dislocation or their original ceremony for whatever reason was not totally meaningful to them, this is an opportunity to renew their vows and turn the occasion into something very, very special.

Where, when and how?

Often the date of a significant anniversary is chosen for this ceremony. Similarly, the original venue is sometimes reflected in the venue chosen for the ceremony and celebration. Original bridal party members or family often participate. It can be a time when favourite old songs and music are heard and much laughter and reminiscing takes place. Intimate ceremonies with just a few guests conducted before a candle-lit dinner can be very emotive and just as special.

You may wish to include as much of your original ceremony, especially your vows, as possible. Alternatively, you can put together a completely new and very personalized ceremony with assistance from this do it yourself e-book.

I have done all the hard work for you! Compiled, ready for you to choose from……..

6 complete renewal of vows ceremonies complete with readings, vows and rituals, many additional readings, poetry, cultural traditions and rituals and music suggestions for you to ponder!

How do you go about choosing a ceremony?

Every aspect of the ceremony should reflect you (both), your thoughts and feelings, beliefs and ideals, hopes and desires. The ceremony can be therefore, totally personalized to suit every aspect of your being. This collection of ceremonies, readings, rituals and traditions, music will provide the inspiration you need to decide exactly what it is you want to say to your loved one and to your family and friends at this special time of re-commitment.

Your ceremony could be….

  • Simple but sincere
  • More traditional ~ to include readings by a family member or guest
  • A ceremony with a splash of spirituality provided by candles and readings
  • A culturally rich ceremony with a ritual maybe
  • A ceremony to include children or to also recognize and acknowledge revered deceased relatives or friends?
  • You may wish to have a theme flowing through your ceremony.

6 ceremonies for you to consider…..copy and paste……adapt to suit you

The ceremonies, additional readings, poetry and cultural rituals in this presentation have been designed for you to copy and paste, to add new material to or for you to adapt to suit your personal situation

Plus a personal checklist

I also include a check-list and guide for you to ensure a stress free ceremony and celebration!. A questionnaire is also provided to assist you in compiling a more personalized introduction.

Here Are the Ceremony Guidelines

Ceremonies have structure and if guidelines are followed, a ceremony with interest, variation, good length and natural flow will be the end result.
The Introduction
A Reading
Giving Away
The Asking
The Vows
Ring Ceremony
A Reading
The Declaration
Signing of the Certificate
Presentation of Certificate to the Couple
Presentation of the Couple to guests

That sounds great,

  • Read and decide what you like and want, delete headings you don’t want.
  • Consider your questionnaire answers and make a little flowing narrative from them to include in the introduction.
  • Copy material (and adapt) whatever you want to use.
  • Choose your font and print!
  • Paste it all under your headings.
  • Include any of your own material

……..and your ceremony is ready!

Here are some excerpts from the ceremonies…..

“With you, I experience moments of enjoyable silence and shared connection. I respect the gentle and humble way you journey through life, your kindness, your appreciation of beauty, and your capacity for embracing change and transformation. I still look forward to our future with excitement and ……………………………”

“John, please continue to wear this ring that I gave you twenty years ago as a sign of my unaltered commitment and love.”

“When John and Mary first stood at the altar they were advised to “always put one another first”. They are words that have never been forgotten”.

“To my family……….…. You have claimed a part of my heart that, no matter what happens to us, will always belong to you…………..”

“Mary, I again promise to respect and care for you with all my heart; to support, encourage and believe in you in good times and in bad times. I love you and chose you as my wife for the rest of my life. I promise to always remember…………………..”

“…………………………… you have set forth on the next phase of your lives. The path that lies ahead may not always seem clear, but you can move forward with the confidence that you do not travel alone. You have in effect re-affirmed your commitment to each other, with the knowledge that you have a lifelong companion who knows you and accepts you as you are. This is surely one of life’s greatest compliments. The following words, describe ……………………..”

“Their journey has not always been smooth sailing but they have managed to work through many critical issues together and their bond still holds strong. This is an indication of their ability to be understanding of each other and of the utmost respect that they have for…………………….”.

“I love you because you are helping me to make the lumber of my life not a tavern but a temple; out of the works of my every day not a reproach but a song”.

The ceremony was intimate………. consisted of the couple, their son and the celebrant standing under a willow tree beside a river.

“Twenty years ago, in the presence of witnesses, I took you, to be your wife and partner in life. I promised to love you and to respect you, to be honest with you and to stand by you whatever may come, today………”

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